Self Esteem & Anxiety Counselling in Andover & via Zoom

If you are
Struggling with anger
Feeling worthless
Trying to be everything to everyone
Overwhelmed by the constant demands of life
Worrying about what others think of you

I can help you to
Work on new ways to react
Feel better about yourself
Find the authentic you
Work out what is important to you
Care a little more about yourself

Counselling for Self Esteem and Anxiety, available face to face in Andover, Hampshire and nationally via Zoom.

When life gets hard, it can seem that the easiest thing to do is bury our emotions and hope that our difficulties just go away, but this rarely works and can make matters worse for you, and those around you, as time goes on. These emotions are important, and they need to be accepted and understood.

We also use up energy giving ourselves a hard time, telling ourselves that we are a failure, that bad things happen to us because we are stupid or because we somehow deserve it. Would you speak to a friend in need that way?

If you want to change your situation, but don’t know how, talking to a professionally trained counsellor can help. I am not going to judge you, tell you what to do, or pretend to be an expert on your feelings. Instead, I will listen, reflect, and support you in finding ways to make your life better.

Don’t do nothing. Don’t struggle alone.  Get in touch, and let’s talk.

Jon Neathey Counsellor
Here's what former clients say

I’ve got me back. For years I was letting people walk over me. I felt worthless. Jon has helped me rediscover myself.” - SP

I think counselling helped me to find some perspective and to feel that my thoughts , feelings and opinions were valid..” - RR

Jon provides a safe place for you to express everything, no holds barred. There wasn’t anything I didn’t feel comfortable discussing.” - HL