What Is Counselling?

Counselling is a kind of "talking therapy" with a professionally trained, qualified and insured counsellor or psychotherapist who will listen to you. It is designed to help people to find ways of dealing with emotional problems.

It can help with issues such as:

- a mental health condition, such as depression, anxiety or eating disorders

- an upsetting or unmanageable physical condition, such as infertility or disability

- a difficult life event, such as death of a loved one, a relationship breakdown or work-related stress

- tricky emotions – for example, low self-esteem or anger

- any other issues that cause heightened anxiety such as sexual identity, procrastination or perfectionism

How Do I Work?

I am trained to work in a person-centred way, meaning that I am guided by what you need, not what I think you need. I'm not the expert on what makes you happy or sad - you are.

The progress we make will be made easier if you feel able to speak openly and honestly, and I try to provide the right conditions for that to happen, by being non-judgmental, accepting and kind, no matter what you say in the counselling room. I don't set homework, I don't give advice, and I don't promise quick fixes. If it's taken you years to get to where you are, it's not going to take a couple of weeks to completely change everything.

I aim to bring together different theories and approaches to help you to achieve your aims. Some of these may be a little different to what you may have experienced before. For example, if you have had CBT in the past you will find my way of working to be completely different and less directive. I will always be guided by what feels right for you.

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